Concrete Breaking & Removal Services in Orlando

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concrete breaking and removal services in orlando fl

Professional Concrete Breaking & Removal

For projects that require specialized concrete breaking and removal services, you can rely on the team at Hardcore Concrete Cutting & Coring.

We provide a full range of non-explosive demolition methods including concrete cutting, breaking, drilling, and coring to safely and efficiently break down and remove concrete. HARDCORE is capable of competently cutting, breaking, and removing all types of concrete such as reinforced concrete, precast concrete, and asphalt for a variety of purposes.

Cutting the concrete is the easy part of the demolition process. Breaking, removing, and hauling it off-site can be daunting for most. Our crews have the equipment, trucks, and strong backs to get it out of the location it was placed.

Our local company is based in Orlando and provides services throughout the Central Florida area.

We make tough jobs look easy. Rely on us for professional concrete removal services.

Give us a call today at (407) 969-8700 to get an estimate!

Concrete Demolition Services

Whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial, concrete removal is a massive job and one that has a lot of potential to go wrong when not put into the correct hands. At HARDCORE we have the training, experience and equipment to provide professional concrete demolition and removal services.

Our team can handle jobs of any size. From breaking out a patio to breaking up and removing concrete after a commercial concrete demolition, HARDCORE is happy to do it all.

You can always turn to us for fast, professional, affordable concrete breaking and removal.

Our team works fast, making it easy for you to move on to the next step of your project.

Step one is to contact our team to schedule an initial assessment where we will determine the correct approach and make a bid on the job. 

concrete removal orlando

Our Concrete Services in Orlando Include

Slab Sawing

Core Drilling

Track Sawing

Wire Sawing

Concrete Demolition

Curb Cutting

Wall Sawing

Concrete Removal

concrete boring service orlando

Get Your Concrete Demolition Done Right

Our professional concrete demolition and removal services are effective, methodical, and thorough. Having a reliable, experienced demolition team take care of your damaged concrete is the best course of action, and HARDCORE couldn’t be a better choice.

Our demolition and removal services include:

  • Commercial, industrial, and residential concrete structures
  • Concrete slabs and foundations
  • Highway bridges
  • Mass concrete dams and spillways
  • Unwanted sidewalks and driveways

We have several years of experience performing flawless concrete demolition and removal services in the greater Orlando area. And this expertise can apply directly to your concrete demolition project.

Customer Testimonials

The team responded quickly, well prepared, organized, and professional. Our scope changed based on us not knowing the type of concrete the guys had to cut and Paul clearly explained the situation and they completed the project efficiently. Would highly recommend.

Anthony Zumbo

Hired Paul and his guys to core some hoes in a shop floor before we installed the lifts. Bid was the lowest of 4 that we got and he came out and got the work done for us. While his guy was here doing the coring work they helped us out with doing some redheads into where the compressor was set that was unexpectedly delivered while they were here. Top notch customer service.

David Wagner