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Professional Bollard Installers

Protect People & Property with Safety Bollards

Elevate the safety of your parking lot with strategically installed bollards. Enhancing security for your customers, bollards play a crucial role in mitigating risks associated with the often bustling activity of entering and exiting parking areas. Safeguard both your parking space and customers from potential damage by incorporating these protective measures.

Prioritize safety, and create a secure environment for everyone in your parking facility.

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Correct installation of bollards is one of the most important aspects of any streetscape or landscape project where these fixtures are included. Make sure you get it right by calling Hardcore Concrete.

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Advantages of Safety Bollards

Our team specializes in bollard installation, demolition, and removal in the Orlando area for both residential and commercial properties. 

  • Traffic Management: Bollards effectively regulate and manage vehicular and pedestrian traffic on commercial properties, ensuring a systematic flow and minimizing the risk of accidents.

  • Physical Barrier: Serving as a physical barrier, bollards act as a protective shield against unauthorized vehicle access, preventing accidental collisions and enhancing overall security.

  • Property Protection: Bollards provide an extra layer of defense for buildings and infrastructure by acting as a deterrent to potential threats, such as vehicle-based attacks or accidental impacts. 

  • Pedestrian Safety: Strategically placed bollards create safe pedestrian zones, shielding walkways and gathering areas from vehicular traffic, contributing to a secure and comfortable environment for customers and employees.

  • Visual Deterrent: The presence of bollards serves as a visual deterrent, signaling restricted areas and discouraging reckless driving or unauthorized parking, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidents.

  • Versatility: Bollards come in various styles and materials, allowing for customization to complement the aesthetic of commercial properties while still providing essential safety features. Whether decorative or purely functional, bollards offer a versatile solution to enhance safety without compromising the overall appearance of the property.

Our Concrete Services Include

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Our Bollard Installation Process

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The specific approach we employ is contingent on the type of bollard you wish to install and the surface on which it will be placed.

For instance, the installation process for decorative-style bollards may vary slightly from those intended for a more structural, impact-resistant role. Keep in mind that, generally, removable bollards may have lower impact resistance.

The standard procedure for installing a non-removable safety bollard remains as follows:

  1. Plan the layout of the bollard pattern and mark the ground accordingly.
  2. Drill a hole, allowing additional space for concrete, typically 18″ to 24″ deep.
  3. Insert the bollard into the newly drilled hole, ensuring it is stable and level.
  4. Mix concrete and carefully shovel the mixture into the hole, surrounding the base of the post to create a solid foundation.
  5. Tidy up any loose concrete on or around the base and allow a 48-hour curing period for the concrete to set.

Bollards are essential in new building construction, yet they are sometimes neglected in the planning process due to their understated appearance. Whether you’re working with existing concrete or starting a new project, there are various installation methods to consider. Even if the concrete is already in place, there are techniques to facilitate hassle-free installation.

No matter your needs, we can get safety bollards installed for you! 


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This company absolutely knows what they’re doing and will go above and beyond to complete anything you throw at them. They are, efficient and have everything needed to get the job done, day or night, these guys are the best in the business.

Dawn Bishop

Hired Paul and his guys to core some hoes in a shop floor before we installed the lifts. Bid was the lowest of 4 that we got and he came out and got the work done for us. While his guy was here doing the coring work they helped us out with doing some redheads into where the compressor was set that was unexpectedly delivered while they were here. Top notch customer service.

David Wagner