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Concrete Slab Sawing Experts in Orlando

Professional Concrete Slab Sawing & Removal in Central FL

Hardcore Concrete Cutting stands as the premier authority in concrete slab sawing or flat sawing techniques. Our expert team is equipped to handle a wide array of projects, from structural foundations and interstate highways to airport runways, parking lots, factory floors, and offshore production platforms.

Why Choose Hardcore Concrete Cutting

  • Professional services
  • Experts with extensive experience with slab sawing and concrete removal
  • Locally owned Orlando business
  • Affordable services with high-quality results
  • Experienced team

Experienced Slab Saw Operators

Every concrete slab saw-cutting project brings its distinct challenges, and we’re ready to tackle each one. At Hardcore Concrete Cutting, our seasoned team of slab saw operators are equipped to fulfill your requirements, regardless of project size, while adhering to deadlines and budgets. We take pride in consistently surpassing our clients’ expectations with cost-effective concrete-cutting solutions.

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Advantages of Slab Sawing

Our team specializes in concrete flat sawing in the Orlando area for both residential and commercial properties.

  • Slab sawing offers a swift, efficient, and cost-effective concrete cutting solution.
  • Slab sawing maintains the integrity of surrounding structures.
  • Slab sawing delivers precise, efficient, and accurate cuts.



  • Slab sawing stands as the fastest concrete cutting solution for removal projects.
  • Hardcore Concrete Cutting utilizes the top-quality slab saws available in the market today.

Our Concrete Services Include

Slab Sawing

Core Drilling

Track Sawing

Wire Sawing

Concrete Demolition

Curb Cutting

Wall Sawing


Our Slab Sawing Process & Flat Sawing Applications

concrete flat sawing professional in orlando

Concrete slab sawing involves cutting the upper portion of existing concrete to create a flat surface, serving purposes like leveling pavement, establishing control joints, or installing utilities. Hardcore Concrete Cutting’s saws handle tasks for slab-on-grade, structural decks, and more, powered by various systems.

Our trained operators cut through concrete, stone, brick, and asphalt efficiently. Slab sawing by Hardcore Concrete Cutting demonstrates its effectiveness, applicable for creating openings or removing damaged sections. This method utilizes a diamond blade mounted on a walk-behind machine, typically requiring just one operator.

Typical applications include

  • Clean and repair cracks
  • Openings for staircases, elevators, and ductwork
  • Roof openings
  • Highway, road, and driveway cutting
  • Cutting reinforced concrete floors
  • Cutting expansion and control joints
  • Trenching for electrical installation
  • Trenching for plumbing installation
  • Removing damaged pavement

Slab saws are the workhorses of the cutting industry, allowing the cleanest, quietest, and most effective way to cut concrete.


We Are Here to Help

Our team comprises highly trained, self-motivated, and dedicated professionals proficient in concrete sawing, drilling, scanning, demolition, and pour back. We take pride in our customers’ confidence in choosing us, as they are assured of receiving top-notch safety, service, quality, and value.

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Customer Testimonials

This company absolutely knows what they’re doing and will go above and beyond to complete anything you throw at them. They are, efficient and have everything needed to get the job done, day or night, these guys are the best in the business.

Dawn Bishop

The team responded quickly, well prepared, organized and professional. Our scope changed based on us not knowing the type of concrete the guys had to cut and Paul clearly explained the situation and they competed the project efficiently. Would highly recommend.

Anthony Zumbo